Cascade Engineering Deploys QAD QMS to Enhance Manufacturing Operations

By CIOReview | Friday, April 17, 2015

SANTA BARBARA, CA: QAD, a provider of enterprise software and services for manufacturing industries has announced that Cascade Engineering – developer of large-scale plastic injection molding has deployed its QAD QMS to support manufacturing operations.

The quality management system is helping the company manufacture a variety of products depending on the customer needs. It is able to manage documents on time while meeting the standards and regulations of the market and is able to satisfy customers.

The fully integrated quality management system saves time, improves productivity and ensures quality at the large-scale plastic injection molding manufacturer. Besides this, the QAD QMS enables: cross-company awareness and communication throughout the organization; readily available data; the managers and workers to access information from manufacturing floor; suppliers can get corrective actions through interface.

The QMS eliminates the need for manual administration by electronically automating the document editing, routing, and approvals. The scheduling and notifications related to historical information is also automated.

"Our quality management software is now better than ever at meeting our customers’ needs," states April Dines, Senior Corporate Quality Engineer, Cascade Engineering. "We are not only more effectively managing quality, we are also more proactively managing risk, an important consideration in the auto industry."

"We developed a detailed project plan according to Cascade’s specific requirements to automate and improve document control, audits and Advanced Product Quality Planning," says Carter Lloyds, Chief Marketing Officer, QAD. "Our aspiration is for all QAD customers to achieve the status of an Effective Enterprise where every business process is aligned with the company’s strategic goals.”