CaseWare Analytics Develops Data Integrity With CaseWare Monitor 5

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OTTAWA, ON: CaseWare Analytics engaged in creating and maintaining company’s highest data integrity by providing genuine data analysis, continuous monitoring and audit analytical software announces the release of its new product- CaseWare Monitor 5.  

CaseWare Monitor 5 helps to scale up the workflow in diverse industries through its continuous monitoring software solutions. This platform provides accurate monitor controls, data acquisition, data management and data analysis services. Monitor 5 also searches the root cause for preventing reoccurrence. It is a platform that empowers stakeholders to work upon monitor controls independently and transactions across commercial world. The capabilities of this software lead to achieve conformity, reduce risk and improve the performance of business.

“By identifying problems as they arise rather than months later, CaseWare Monitor helps bring about incremental and sustainable internal control improvement,” says Michael Gilbert, CaseWare Monitor Product Owner. “We allow customers to move away from a recovery to a preventative approach, and all within a single platform.”

CaseWare  Monitor 5  is user friendly and can use it independently and ideal for accessing and monitoring data from any platform including ERPs, custom-made applications, P-Card and T&E systems, core banking and insurance applications. It also develops solutions for regulatory compliance, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and sanctions screening. It offers several forms including cloud based model and allow linking up any personnel via email, improving the system of business interaction from both sides.