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Cassia Leverages Cassia Hub to Optimize Bluetooth Networking

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Cassia Networks has introduced Cassia Hub, the world’s first Bluetooth router at the 2016 CES event. The Cassia Hub platform empowers developers and vendors with the ability to create new application through the extended range of Bluetooth devices. Several IT giants like Epson, Foxconn, Hupu, Zepp, CiMing and iHealth have started giving their respective inputs in order to develop the Cassia Hub Software Development Kit that will enhance the Bluetooth connectivity and Internet of Things experience for the customers.

Cassia Hub resolves the limitations of traditional Bluetooth by seamlessly connecting with multiple devices coupled with unparallel network range of 300 meters. The router is capable of networking and controlling up to 22 devices. The range of Bluetooth communication can be expanded up to 1000 feet in an open space, exceeding 30 times the standard operating range.

Cassia targets individuals and developers by making Cassia hub available and accessible. The user manual documents and a software package included in the SDK are incorporated into the native apps and servers of Bluetooth device manufacturers. The Cassia mobile app integrates and automates the control of all the connected Bluetooth devices for both inside and outside the home network.

The key features of SDK support heightened levels of security and enables long range connectivity by expanding up to 1000 feet. In addition, the software is compatible with programming languages and can be run on platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux etc. The software is easy to implement and eliminates the need of modifying existing BLE end devices.

"Since the Cassia Hub is a first of its kind Bluetooth router, we wanted to give developers access to all of its features to unlock its fullest potential. Our partners are already finding innovative ways to leverage Bluetooth's extended range using the Cassia Hub and we're very excited for future opportunities this will bring," said Felix Zhao, CEO, Cassia Networks.

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