CAST Highlight and BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio Integration Brings Advance APM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Vincent Delaroche, Chairman and CEO, CAST

Vincent Delaroche, Chairman and CEO, CAST

New York, NY: BiZZdesign, a developer of digital business design has recently entered into a partnership with CAST. Both companies have entered in the new partnership along with their  flagship products which are ‘CAST Highlight’ and ‘BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio’ to deliver a developed  Application Portfolio Management (APM) across the global market.

CAST Highlight and BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio integration will provide fact-based measurement to IT managers and enterprise architects by eliminating guesswork from the application portfolio managements.

“CAST and BiZZdesign are coming together to give a clear, fact-based view into the application portfolio that will empower IT to be a driver in digital transformation rather than simply reacting to issues after they occur,” says Lev Lesokhin, EVP of Strategy, CAST.

The software and measurement technology of CAST prevents business disruptions while minimizing enormous IT costs and resolves business errors by delivering system-level engineering intelligence through structural and architectural analysis. Based on the critical business issues  CAST has developed  Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) that identifies all types of source codes, headers, files, and data structure to create a complete IT system and automatically rebuilds a logical model of the entire app.

 CAST Highlight, the chosen product of BiZZdesign is an ultra-rapid code-scanning SaaS offering. It helps organizations to analyze potential IT risks and cost savings options among large and small distributed portfolios. The product has been specifically designed for IT leaders to provide objectivity and clarity that helps them to make more informed business decisions by preventing risk, reducing costs and complexities.  CAST Highlight has the capability to scan average application in five minutes and its in house storing functionality of all source code along with the ignorance of IP transfers makes it more secure offering. On the other hand it accepts all common programming languages.

The Integrated APM from CAST and BiZZdesign collaboration helps IT-based industries in consolidating and reducing technology costs, developing IT transformation and building in-depth transparency between business and IT. Entrepreneurs and IT managers will get a fact-based view of the business value, risk, complexity and cost of business application portfolio. In addition this Fact-based transparency will lead organization to easily experience digital transformations of their existing application portfolio.