Castlight Health Launches Solution Centers for Effective Healthcare Delivery
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Castlight Health Launches Solution Centers for Effective Healthcare Delivery

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 3, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Castlight Health, a provider of web application that provides information to its users about healthcare costs, usage, coverage and choices, has made Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud available with four new solution centers. These centers help employers in providing their employees with various cost-effective benefits that allows them to make health care choices based on the costs.

As part of the company’s cloud platform, the new four solution centers – Castlight Insights, Castlight Controls, Castlight Connect and Castlight Care – cater to the needs of large self-insured employers across the U.S. delivered through enhanced integrated architecture and updated user interfaces providing a seamless user experience.

Catalyst Insights highlights the opportunities to check wasteful healthcare spending and poor quality outcomes. It achieves this by providing the enterprise with a single source of record with advanced analytics pertaining to healthcare. This analytics report consists of information on ways to optimize for cost and employee outcomes.

Castlight Controls provides management controls such as Reference Based Pricing and Rewards to design, optimize and scale benefits.

Castlight Connect enables employees to discover and access services such as on-site clinics and Health Savings Account (HAS) providers through the integration of third-party solutions.

Castlight Care provides user-friendly web and mobile access to the employees and their families for accessing personalized information for better healthcare decision making. The service is available on various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and the Castlight Guide live telephonic service.

“With today’s announcement about the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud we usher in a new era in American healthcare. The Castlight Cloud builds on our pioneering transparency work – work that has served as an important starting point on the journey to create a merit-based healthcare market. Now, it’s time to cure enterprise healthcare. Because enterprise healthcare is not going to fix itself,” said Giovanni Colella, M.D., co-founder and CEO, Castlight Health.