Catalyst Blockchain Platform, Now Available On Corda
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Catalyst Blockchain Platform, Now Available On Corda

By CIOReview | Friday, June 24, 2022

Catalyst Blockchain Platform aims to streamline the development, deployment, and maintenance of Corda networks and applications.

Fremont, CA: “On Corda, Catalyst Blockchain Platform brings a whole new frontier of data privacy and ease of use to blockchain network development. It is especially relevant for those operating in challenging regulatory contexts, and we are extremely proud to be able to offer these organizations an easy pathway to blockchain adoption,” comments Yana Koldra, Head of Product Management, IntellectEU. Catalyst Blockchain Platform is now accessible on Corda, the industry-leading distributed ledger technology platform developed by R3 for highly-regulated markets. Catalyst's highly-automated processes and straightforward user interface expedite the development, deployment, and maintenance of Corda networks and applications for users of both Corda Community Edition and Corda Enterprise Edition.

On Corda, privacy is a top priority. The protocol provides secure, scalable data transfers between network participants while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security. Corda utilizes a peer-to-peer architecture that maximizes privacy, and Corda distributed applications offer remarkable flexibility and interoperability. Together, these characteristics make Corda ideally suited for implementation by financial institutions and service providers, governments, healthcare providers, insurers, and other regulated entities.

By reducing the technical obstacles to entry, Catalyst Blockchain Platform on Corda renders all of the protocol's strengths simpler and quicker to use. Catalyst enables customers to construct complicated Corda infrastructure with a few mouse clicks, no coding, and highly automated and streamlined processes.