Catbird 6.0 for the Taking
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Catbird 6.0 for the Taking

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA: Catbird, a company that provides virtualization and cloud security solutions has launched the latest version of its security automation solution called Catbird 6.0. With this product the company looks to bring automation and agility into security and compliance enforcement in the cloud.

Catbird 6.0 will have Management API, enhanced continuous monitoring and Cisco and VMware firewall integration. Besides, multi-hypervisor support and expanded role-based administrative functions are soon going to be an integral part of this product.

With management API, enterprises and service providers can now integrate the security policies and compliance management to the existing provisioning and management services. Catbird 6.0 comes with Access Control Lists, alert operations, compliance state retrieval, event management and Catbird TrustZones configuration and management.

With Security Control Automation Protocol, users can download security benchmarks from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Center for Internet Security and they can continuously compare their security standing against those benchmarks.

Catbird 6.0 integrates with the virtual firewalls from VMware and Cisco. The security policy automation and enforcement engine integrates with Cisco Virtual Secure Gateway and vCloud Networking and Security. Virtual firewalls and security controls such as IDS/IPS and NAC can be tracked and maintained.

“Catbird brings policy and compliance out of the filing cabinet and into the cloud age, transforming these dynamic, self-scaling environments into compliance-aware and precisely controlled systems.  Building in continuous monitoring and measurement to standards like PCI makes compliance business-as-usual rather than an afterthought.  Our customers realize huge savings by reducing prep time for assessments, ensuring control of in-scope assets and eliminating costly audit disruptions, typically reporting full ROI in under a year,” says Edmundo Costa, CEO for Catbird in the press release. “Catbird 6.0 delivers unparalleled security automation and compliance enforcement, integrates into existing architecture, and is SDN-ready, ensuring a smooth, policy-led transition to software-defined networking as these solutions become more widely deployed.”