Cavium Launches Secure and Scalable Solutions for Cloud and Virtualized Enterprises

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 3, 2014

INTEROP, LAS VEGAS: Cavium, a provider of semiconductor products for enterprise, data center, wired and wireless networking, is introducing a number of secure and scalable solutions for virtualized enterprise and cloud infrastructure based on Cavium's OCTEON and NITROX processors, Intelligent Network, Security Adapters and Cavium's ARMv8 64-bit product.

Cavium's latest OCTEON processors, designed for cloud, Software Defined Networking and Network Function Verification architectures deliver scalable performance, within the strict power limits of large data centers.

According to IDC, a global market intelligence firm, cloud spending, which include Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a service and virtualized enterprise functionality would reach $100B by 2014. 

Cavium's OCTEON which include a range of software compatible processors of multi-core process nearly MIPS64 120GHz of 64-bit and aims at high-performance, high-throughput, service-rich applications for cloud, secure data center, wireless infrastructure, enterprise and storage equipment. Its TurboDPI software allows Original Equipment Manufacturers to use enterprise and cloud-based services that need high performance.

NITROX Security Processors of Cavium offer 300K RSA ops/sec solutions as SRIOV while delivering extremely high performance in wired and wireless network security applications and SSL based secure e-business.