CBIG Initiates Strategies Enhance Q1 Returns for 2016

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Don Arendarczyk, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, CBIG

Don Arendarczyk, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, CBIG

CHICAGO, IL: Businesses today are focused on making better use of their financial and data assets, with an underlying aim of obtaining enhanced ROIs. Realizing the significance for same, CBIG Consulting announced its robust start for the year, releasing Q1 numbers which will quantify to revenues above 30 percent compared to the digits obtained in the first quarter of the previous year. The number of newer clients in both the U.S. and CBIG’s Asia-Pacific region is credited to a record number. Don Arendarczyk, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, CBIG says, “We’re experiencing rapid growth in the East and West regions nationally, and the Asia-Pacific region in particular has been really solid this past year.”

CBIG, provider of services for Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Cloud-based Analytics, is gradually pushing strategic Big Data initiatives showcasing immediate positive gains, which is an appealing step for current CBIG clients. Companies who want to make use of new growth opportunities in the areas of data monetization, competitive intelligence, predictive analytics, and marketing analytics is being fully and effectively supported by CBIG’s highly efficient team.

Arendarczyk notes, “As opposed to this time last year when our customers opted to stay the course and hold off on significant improvements, they now appear more confident about investing in strategic, targeted data analytics solutions that directly impact their bottom line.”

Newer technologies and architectures have already laid the foundation stone for advanced analytics in big data landscape. Businesses are satisfied with the scope of big data technology, especially for its ability to generate new sources of revenue. CIOs have engaged themselves in this competitive market and are accumulating extensive experience in building BI frameworks, comprising industry-specific analytics to take advantage of available big data sources.

“Because today’s business leaders already have a healthy understanding of what big data can do for their business, the challenge has pivoted to providing scalability and delivering increased access and speed to data,” says John Onder, Principal, Strategic Consulting, CBIG Consulting.