CE Tech Opts Documentelligence Solution for Smart Workflow Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CE- Technologies, a provider of IT services and consulting announces its partnership with Copier Fax Business Technologies’ Documentelligence, a custom solution to improve workflow, reduce costs, and maximize document security.

Documentelligence works with the hardware system to capture, store, retrieve, print and protect documents. It can be used as a mobile platform giving immediate access to all data with print and scan from a mobile device, easing the process even when a person is not present in office. The backfile scanning converts all paper documents into digital documents thus moderating space utilization and securing documents. The solution also monitors workstations and servers throughout the day and automatically resolves issues if any.

The resolution stores documents within seconds, eliminates copies and reduces storage space for all files and folders to icons. It provides security features to safeguard documents and their contents, prepares documents to remove hindrances for high-speed scanning that approaches 200 pages per minute with image enhancements. To ensure data integrity and readability a quality assurance is also available.

Documentelligence increases efficiency, saves time while retrieving information, and reduces paper work; space as well as energy required thereby optimizing the Rate on Investment (ROI). Accounts Payable can receive instantaneous payment authorization and early payment discounts. Accounts Receivable will have minimized financial costs and faster collections enhancing Cash Flow.