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Cellebrite Launches Endpoint Inspector: A Cloud-First Remote Collection Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cellebrite announced the launch of Endpoint Inspector, a cloud-first remote collection solution for Windows and Mac that will evolve eDiscovery and the corporate investigation.

FREMONT, CA: Cellebrite, the world leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, announced the Endpoint Inspector, a cloud-first remote collection solution for Windows and Mac that will evolve eDiscovery and corporate investigation lifecycle. With leading data collection and analytics abilities, Cellebrites Enterprise Solutions' integrated offering would significantly increase corporations' ability to mitigate risk. Today's announcement is the latest stage in the company's growing commitment to helping businesses develop a safer workplace from the corporate headquarters to the branch offices by making endpoint data collection and analysis quick, accurate, and efficient. 

Endpoint Inspector helps corporate authorities collect and examine digital information in a comprehensive way and integrate actionable intelligence in one venue. In H2 2021, Cellebrite will expand its remote collection capabilities to mobile devices for corporate investigation teams using Endpoint Inspector, providing an unparalleled all-in-one endpoint intelligence solution.

Employees connect their computers and mobile devices from outside the workplace as the world moves to a hybrid remote workforce, creating concerns among companies about addressing crucial issues such as employee misconduct or confidential data disclosure. Endpoint Inspector allows corporate investigation teams to gather data such as business records, application logs, and system logs more effectively and remotely, enabling them to perform faster and deeper data analysis to detect danger. These automated investigative technologies are essential in industries like life sciences, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and insurance, where confidential data is at risk.

"Today's milestone announcement is further proof of Cellebrites commitment to help corporations accelerate their effort to fundamentally reshape how eDiscovery and corporate investigations are conducted with the realities of today's remote workforce," said Ken Basore, General Manager, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions Business Unit. "We are excited to further expand our services, innovation and leadership in the private sector, and advance our broader mission of helping organizations accelerate justice and keep people safe."