CenterMind Integrated with PatchView+,RiT's Advanced Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solution
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CenterMind Integrated with PatchView+,RiT's Advanced Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MAHWAH, NJ: RiT Technologies today announces the integration of data center infrastructure management software CenterMind with PatchView+, the company’s connectivity management solution. This integration aims to bring about superior intelligent network connectivity to the enterprise data center.

The incorporation of CenterMind with PatchView+ offers data center managers an industry-first IIM solution that support mixed inter-connect, cross-connect and combined topologies, as well as combined copper and fiber cabling. It is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform that provides asset, energy and capacity management and planning. PatchView+ does not necessitate rack space support or unlimited ports, reducing the upfront investment in panels and rack space, and power efficient than preceding IIM systems.

“The integration of PatchView+ with CenterMind, RiT’s enterprise data center solution, provides enterprise data center managers with complete real-time visibility and control of all network physical components, with 100 per cent accurate status of devices and their current locations, including switches, servers, switch ports and connected devices,” says the press release announcing the integration.

Enterprise data center managers are enabled to swiftly detect points of failure and mitigate downtime; eliminate congestions and hotspots, improve network output, ensure protection from unauthorized connects, disconnects, moves and changes; and identify underutilized equipment.

Alex Shar, RiT’s CTO says, “Unnecessary downtime due to preventable equipment failure can put organizations needlessly at operational risk. Thus, apart from the integration, RiT also offers a new tablet application for automated work order administration that proactively sends alerts on unplanned network changes and unusual variations in critical environmental parameters such as cabinet temperature.