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Centrallo Corporation Supplementing Responsiveness during Crisis through Investments from Venture Capitalists

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Centrallo Corporation raised $1.5 million through seed funding to help teams safeguard employees, facilities, and assets. The capital funding rounds included venture capital firms like Responder Ventures and individuals such as Bruce Blythe, Chairman of R3 Continuum, Sig Zises, among others. With the capital received, Centrallo Corporation plans to enhance its best-in-class technology to help organizations to comprehend the root-causes of threats better and bring a feasible way to coordinate seamlessly during incidents.  

The firm’s existing solution, Groupdolists, is a crisis management platform that enables organizations to improve their responses to various threats in areas such as emergency/incident management, resilience, security operations, crisis management, risk, and operational recovery. It brings forth a feasible way to craft and execute coordinated, sequenced, interdependent sets of tasks and procedures, synchronizing responses and workflows in real-time. Responders can, thus, gain by sharing information, coordinating actions, and tracking results along with improving their commanding and controlling acumen.   

In September 2017, Centrallo Corporation also established a partnership with Allied Universal, one of the prominent guard services company in North America, to use the Groupdolists platform as a part of the Global Security Operations Center-as-a-Service. 

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