Centremis Security and Quantum Technology Partnership takes Seismic-Acoustic Sensor Based Security to a new Level

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

COCOA BEACH, FL: Quantum Technology is forming an alliance with Centremis Security and to launch this partnership, they are co-hosting an intrusion detection demo in Columbus, Texas.

Quantum Technology Services is an intrusion detection, movement monitoring and physical security solution provider, delivering real time situational awareness to critical infrastructure assets. The company leverages seismic-acoustic energy for a number of applications including security, information and knowledge. While Centremis security, a subsidiary of Network Management Resources, is a holistic security services and solutions company. They provide elite security consulting services focused on counter-terrorism, force protection, law enforcement and security operations.

Quantum’s technology is the first and only security solution capable of using a single sensor to detect and automatically classify threats on land, underground, air and water. They have created detection and classification algorithms that are similar to voice recognition, but for the Earth. Their technology creates a proactive awareness zone around the asset, called Quantrasphere, evaluating and alerting on potential threats.

The demonstration will address how Centremis uses Quantum’s seismic-acoustic solutions to enhance physical asset security. The demo will also feature detection, classification and alerting on both human footsteps and vehicle intrusion and movement from significant distances outside the assets perimeter without line of sight.