Ceragon's 5G Wireless Backhaul Technology Addresses Customer Requirements

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

LITTLE FALLS, NJ: Ceragon Networks in its latest announcement stated that it will showcase its 5G wireless backhaul technologies at the Mobile World Congress 2016. Presence of a flexible wireless backhaul infrastructure demonstrating stringent performance, reliability, and meeting operational efficiency targets, is essential to meet 5G service demands. By 2020, 5G services will be commercially deployed in developed markets, implicating exponential growth in network capacity along with escalation in number and types of connected devices.

Introduction of 5G technology will usher wide variety of new services, including IoT and M2M, bringing forth changes in the networks designed and built. Ceragon’s multicore technologies, which achieve faster time to market coupled with higher performance at affordable costs by utilizing in-house designed system on chips, are integrated into their wireless backhaul solutions. Ceragon's solutions are being optimized for 5G capacity, latency, service and network availability targets.

"Ceragon's strategic investment in vertically integrated solutions, developing advanced microwave and millimeterwave systems on chips and integrating those into complete products, will allow communication service providers to meet their business objectives as their networks evolve to deliver 5G services," said Ira Palti, President and CEO, Ceragon.

Ceragon's wireless backhaul technologies brings across interesting set of features: 

Delivery up to 10Gbps backhaul to cell sites making use of ultra-wide microwave frequency channels with LoS 4x4 MIMO technology at 6 - 42GHz, and millimeterwave compact radios to surpass spectrum deficit and reduce site acquisition and related costs.

Deploying cellular base stations and small cells at the right places becomes easy by eliminating backhaul constraints caused due to lack of spectrum and inability to reuse the microwave spectrum channels.

Overcoming microwave spectrum congestion also becomes convenient as they combine multiband carrier aggregation of microwave and millimeterwave spectrum with Ceragon's unique Multicarrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control technology. Traffic is intelligently balanced over microwave and millimeterwave channels, while avoiding expensive trenching of fiber where it is not needed.

Fast Deployment of highly dense cellular base stations and small cell grids is enabled by leveraging Ceragon's multicore MIMO technology for Non Line of Sight use cases at 6 - 42GHz.

Adoption of cost reduced network with Cloud RAN made possible by use of ultra-high capacity wireless backhaul (fronthaul), which delivers 2.5Gbps to 10Gbps digital signaling between cloud baseband units and remote radio heads.

Optimal use of network resources is ensured using SDN technologies with open interfaces for quick network integration and overcoming barriers of current wireless networks ecosystem.

Simplified shift from 4G to 5G networks is another feature which is achieved by using IP-20 Platform technologies and capabilities to allow maximum use of Ceragon 4G wireless backhaul investments.