Ceridian and WorkAngel Clubs Together; Forms LifeWorks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Ceridian and WorkAngel join together again with the aim of delivering technological innovation along with wellness and engagement expertise to customers. Taking forward their previous partnership, together they have unveiled their latest employment engagement company and power brand: LifeWorks. This is a global engagement and wellness company that provide solution to the following market needs: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), social recognition, exclusive perks and discounts, employee and corporate wellness and employee engagement analytics.

Jamie True, CEO of LifeWorks says that the marketplace for engagement has moved up a gear, with customers in the know wanting a comprehensive mobile wellness and engagement solution. This combination sees the beginning of the Employee Engagement Platform (EEP) as point solutions become less relevant. “LifeWorks’ goal is to help businesses become more purpose-driven, and positively impact business performance,” he adds.

“Combination of WorkAngel and LifeWorks drives innovation in employee engagement and wellness solutions. LifeWorks customers will access this new mobile program built on WorkAngel’s leading engagement platform and leverage LifeWorks’ comprehensive employee assistance content, resources and counselors” quotes David Ossip, Chairman and CEO, Ceridian.

Cerdian LifeWorks aims to assist the employees to achieve balance in work life and in improving their productivity. EAP platform helps the employees in tackling tough challenges including financial and legal issues, counselor support and also extend help in identifying the risks and improve health through health risk assessments, health coaching and online workshops.