CG VISION BIM Pipeline to Channel Construction Designs into BuilderMT Estimating Database
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CG VISION BIM Pipeline to Channel Construction Designs into BuilderMT Estimating Database

By CIOReview | Friday, July 3, 2015

DENVER, CO: BuilderMT, caterer of workflow and building industry process management software has announced its integration with BIM consultation, technology and services provider CG VISION; to offer users capability to move design and option data from CAD(Computer Aided Design)and BIM (Building information modeling)systems straightly into BuilderMT Estimating for home plans.

CADenables engineers and architects to design 2D and 3D space using computer system. BIMpipeline of CG VISION links BuilderMT Estimation platform and designs to get accurate automated results optimizing operations without adding staff.It enables builders to leverage construction material vendors whose cost margin is known and negotiable. BIM pipeline of CG VISION has set of pre-defined rules for estimating and constantly moves BIM technology synching with builders pace with flexible information implementation approach. For back office integration, it initially consumes and filters BIM data from multiple BIM applications like AutoCAD, Architecture, Revit and Vertex. Later it links back office system and provide Excel and XML outputs for other back office system integration.

BuilderMT is a subsidiary of MiTEK – a supplier of software, engineered products and equipment to construction sector. BuilderMT Estimating service helps clients to modify the ProDetail Estimating database to meet their market needs. ProDetail Estimating is a software system that creates an itemized base house with option estimates which equips builders with detailed costs for the labor and materials needed for each building. It provides detail plan which can be implemented for agile and efficient expansion of model purchasing database to be used with BuilderMT’s Workflow Management Suite.

CG VISIONBIM Pipeline with the help of model dimensions automatically translates a home builder’s designs data into material list needed to build the particular home, which reflects in BuilderMT database accounting, estimating, CRM and purchasing system.This later creates accurate real time pricing based purchase order.

This assimilated model of CG VISION BIM Pipeline and BuilderMT’s ProDetail Estimating will reduce the time needed to create conceptual itemized estimates, providing management caliber to assess new product with ensured margins and profits.

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