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CGTech Intensifies VERICUT's MachiningCloud Association

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: CGTech, provider of analysis software technology for manufacturing, and developer of VERICUT, has announced the enhancement of VERICUT in the MachiningCloud. MachiningCloud offers CNC cutting equipments along with workholding product information.

VERICUT users will now be able to import the complete tooling package with a single move. With the help of VERICUT verification and simulation software it is possible to identify CNC programming faults and inefficient operations along with potential collisions.

With the latest version of VERICUT 7.4, tool package can be defined on Machining Cloud. The customers can also download the entire range of tool assemblies included in the package and utilize them with VERICUT without the hassles of manual configuring used in simulation session.

The process is simplified with the following phases—1) Formulate a MachiningCloud job including desired tool assemblies; 2) Export the job to the user’s device; 3) Using VERICUT choose to import all tools from the job; 4) Simulate by utilizing tool assemblies that are recently built in MachiningCloud.

“This upgrade eliminates manual steps saving time and further increasing efficiency in the simulation process for VERICUT customers using the MachiningCloud,” says Christophe Rogazy, Cloud Evangelist, MachiningCloud.

“MachiningCloud makes OEM tool geometry easily available for part program simulation, and VERICUT’s connection makes it easily accessible to our users, with simulation-ready tool models representative of the commercial cutting tools they’re purchasing and using every day,” says Bill Hasenjaeger, Product Marketing Manager, CGTech.