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Challenges Faced by Retail Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, February 22, 2019

The retail industry is one of the intricate industries for companies to survive in. Moreover, modern technologies present new challenges. The future of retail will be a digital hybrid where customer relationships will be nourished and supported by digital tools. In the retail industry, failures occur due to inefficient marketing and the inability to form a clear strategy and embrace the idea that customers are the most vital component.  Here are the significant challenges in retail marketing:

Underused Assets

In some instances, retailers overbuy assets by creating massive debts on the firm. While assets have a positive effect on a business, faster growth can have a negative impact. If a firm doesn’t use its assets, then they might turn into liabilities. Companies must consider offloading the unused assets or use those assets to improve customer experience and expand the reach of their brand.

Few Customer Experience Companies (Medallia, NepaSparkcentral )

Vapid Customer Experience

The retail industry which was once known for its rich customer experience lost its warmth and familiarity because most of the purchases today are made online. Even though retailers realize the importance of physical stores, they are failing in providing a rich experience. Offloading staff and customer service training to increase efficiency has made the customer experience bland. The right use of digital platforms can revitalize the retail industry with excellent customer experience.

Continuous Ads

In the early days, advertisements were done with the help of billboards and magazines. It was effective to a certain extent, but it was more or less interruptive and inauthentic. In modern days, bad marketing is done in the form of pop up ads, and more. However, digital technology offers a lot of possibilities to craft and promote great stories. Few retailers take advantage of the tech while few set aside good branding practices to make easy money. Companies must practice good branding to provide a rich customer experience.

Turned Off Customers

Bombarding customers with interruptive pop-up ads will result in a turned off customer. There are plethora of companies who follow this practice and make it harder for companies who follow good branding practices. Annoyed customers may block the company on all social media platforms, and the company might lose a valuable customer. Companies need to understand what excites the customer and what gets their attention and avoid the practices that do the opposite. 


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