Challenges for the Security of Big Data Analytics
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Challenges for the Security of Big Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Organizations have various channels through which they generate, communicate and share data. Analysis of this data helps companies to gather insights about their business processes and applications, enabling them to make informed decisions.

According to a report by IDC, 175 zeta bytes of data will be created by the end of 2025. Data analytics of this voluminous amount of data can help enterprises to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, which helps companies to move closer towards achieving their business goals. While the significance of data has increased over the years, many organizations are raising concerns over the trustworthiness of data and security and compliance challenges.

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Here are some of the challenges for big data security and compliance:

Ethics and Compliance: Organizations gather data from the interaction with their customers. The data can be personal as well as financial. Many customers do not have an idea about the way companies use their data. Rising concerns about data usage have given way to various compliance regulations that businesses have to adhere in order to utilize the data for their advantages. The regulations address many data related issues like personal information, data privacy, financial information, and many other matters related to control of data. The compliance regulations allow users to have control over their data and understand how organizations use their data.

Poor Data Management: There is a need for clear ownership of data as poor data management can lead to grievous security risks. Many organizations consider security as another role of the IT department. Data security risks cannot be mitigated only by purchasing security solutions; instead, it needs to start at the board level. The C-suites of business organizations need to define the rules for big data usage with acceptable risk and compliance requirements.

Insecure Infrastructure: The infrastructures of businesses have not been designed to eliminate the threats of modern cyber threats. Technologies like IOT have added significant pressure on the infrastructure of many companies. Organizations need to update their system and infrastructure to cope up with modern security threats.