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Challenges in Retail Industry can be Minimized by DNS

By CIOReview | Friday, April 12, 2019

A crucial point in the functioning of DNS systems is the latency as users need to establish their communications in a simple and fast way. DNS systems, therefore, enact a name resolution scheme aimed at introducing latencies as short as possible, as a failure in DNS overall performance will have a direct impact on user browsing performance and the performance of applications used by customers.  A further justification for the advancement of a DNS monitoring scheme is therefore to ensure balanced output in the operation of the DNS system. The information recorded in a particular domain can be used for vulnerability analysis and forensic analysis where DNS systems play a crucial role.

The retail industry creates a fascinating environment for technology specialists. Retail puts together nearly all the key dynamics and quirks of technology, sometimes in harmony often in conflict, and provides critical lessons in every function for professionals. The ultimate truth is that the retail industry—which in the digital era certainly faces sufficient challenges—represents a mature and juicy target for global cybercriminals. But as we see even more consumer-friendly advances in technology and shifts in buying habits, we will see more hazards in the threat matrix and much more sophisticated and organized attacks.

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There is no single-bullet remedy to such a complex issue, but it is certainly possible to deploy effective strategies. And it begins with the basic stuff: DNS, or domain name system, the decentralized resource naming system connected to a public or private network. Thus, doing anything literally on the Internet—a visit to the site, e-mail, e-commerce—includes a DNS call from anywhere.

One possible explanation for disconnecting this DNS-level security might be that the old cornerstone gets the short shift with the constant emphasis on new technologies driving new capabilities. The sheer volume is a challenge as well. Blanking potent malware by massive amounts of legitimate traffic is not unusual, and it is tough to analyze billions of mostly valid DNS data packets effectively.

Effective DNS-level security is a critical weapon in the battle to eliminate becoming another entry in the long list of hacked retailers.

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