Channel Master Introduces Linear Online Video Delivery on its DVR+
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Channel Master Introduces Linear Online Video Delivery on its DVR+

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 8, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: Channel Master, a provider of over-the-air broadcast entertainment products and solutions, unveils its LinearTV technology integrating online broadcast video content into multi-source linear television program guide. The users now can access live and online channel with Digital Video Recorder+ (DVR+).

The LinearTV technology – a software based, online content aggregation solution – combines over-the-air broadcast channels and Internet-based applications including Vudu, Pandora and Youtube to deliver a smooth TV viewing experience for customers. The solution, introduced on company’s DVR+, will be available for customers through software update in early 2015.

To access content from Channel Master’s video delivery solution, users do not need an additional app that helps reduce development costs, speed up time-to-market and provide user experience without any complexity. The value of content owners as well as customers will be enhanced with this property.

“When we developed the DVR+ we had a vision of a TV solution for both consumers and content owners that would be much more than just a DVR and apps,” says Coty Youtsey, President and CEO, Channel Master. “Our LinearTV technology is the culmination of that vision and we're very excited to get it into the living rooms of our customers.”