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Chatbot Is Here to Enhance Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

AI-driven customer service has picked up the pace. Enterprises are integrating this technology to transform the customer service experience and improve every aspect of the customer journey; it has become a top priority of almost every industry. Also, with the emergence of chatbots in businesses, it is quite evident that it has marked its presence among the top enterprises.

• Emotional connection with the customers

It is easy to enjoy when everything goes well. But what happens when this is not the case? When the items are out-of-stock, or there are shipping issues or maybe nasty employees? Well for this, enterprises must focus on keeping their customers happy and maintain an emotional connection especially with those who were unhappy with the service. Customers who have a terrible experience that has been resolved to their satisfaction tend to become more loyal than those who had a seamless experience.

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• Can bots cater to loyal customers?

Are bots coming in the way of developing good relations and loyal customers? Gone are the days when the toll-free number was the only solution. However, email, chatbot, Twitter has risen as significant tools in the customer service domain. In the world of multitasking, when one is in the middle of something important, these tools are probably the only and convenient solution. So yes, they are not standing in between; instead, they have their place. But for detailed information bots have to rely on individual assistance. Although these tools have enhanced customer experience, they cannot replace the human touch.

• Finding the right mix

Businesses have to climb their ladder of success and figure out their loopholes as well. Conversion of an unhappy customer into a happy one could be fruitful in the long run as they are the brand ambassador of any product in the market. AI-powered customer service will have a broad scope of capabilities, but human assistance is equally essential only then businesses can have the right and appropriate mix. AI is a one-time investment with timeless merits.