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Chatbots: The Secret Weapon for Today's Marketers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Initiated as an unpopular beta concept in technology, chatbots are now making rounds on various business platforms. Responsive, smart, and reliable attributes of chatbots grabbed the interest of investors and enforced them to undergo full automation in digital service sectors. The humanoid approach creates a sensitive touch to the brisk scientific atmosphere and enhances the consumer experience making it a viable candidate for the replacement of human beings. Synthetically mechanized organic techniques make chatbots a vital tool for augmentation of services provided by humans to humans. The life-like functionality makes communication with clients natural and achievable.   

 The chatbots have become an integral part of the communication process, aligning interactions between people and services. A research conducted by Gartner concluded that the customer service interaction powered by chatbots will increase to about 85 percent in 2020. Improving customer engagement and operational efficiency with reducing the typical cost of customer service provides an added advantage to the business mindset. As per Juniper Research, calculated savings from the inclusion of chatbot will rise exponentially from $20 million in 2017 to be over $8 billion by 2022.

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As the data revolution advances, businesses and companies are taking extensive effort for implementing intelligent accessories which deliver various technological purpose while acting as a source for gathering consumers' data. With detailed analysis calculated from collected data, the consumers’ requirement can be pinpointed and flexibly adjusted or operated by manufacturers. In the forthcoming millennium, chatbots will evolve as the proxy representatives of a brand. The troubleshooting capabilities of AI integrated with automated organic interactions of chatbots will revolutionize social media system by putting an end to the default online advertising and engagement by click methodologies. Plugging chatbots to social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WeChat provides real-time, synthetically enhanced, and humane approach for online advertisements. 

The uninterrupted simultaneous availability to serve biological feedbacks will influence future business and service providers to go full bot-driven mode. The enhancement in the level of consumer satisfaction with low expenditure cost allows a business to flourish and gain extensive profit goals. Uncovering the contribution that chatbots have to offer the future of AI-powered automated interaction industry looks exciting

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