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"Chatbots: Transforming Retail Sector"

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Communicate with their customers was through the email. However, today, retailers and brands have various mobile and online communication tools that are highly effective than ever before, which include text, video and voice chat, mobile messaging, websites and much more. These tools facilitate real-time communication, which is direct and more effective with the customers more than the email system that was embraced quite well earlier.

Mobile applications and chat applications are no more a distant thought; they are used effectively by retailers for direct contact with customers. Automated chatbots are considered as another source for customers to engage with their favorite brands. Retailers such as Sephora explored this successfully to its full potential through various chatbots including the one provided by Facebook and Kik. These sort of chatbots have now advanced their capabilities with the implementation of artificial intelligence by imbibing data from customer’s interactions and enable transformation to live human helpers as required.

Recently, Apple announced to introduce a chat service for customers to interact with the staffs and employees of any particular business called Apple Business Chat to ease the process of communication which previously took place via email or phone. Additionally, WhatsApp has also announced to launch their own set of tools aiming to help business communication seamless and in real-time.

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