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Check Threats With A Click, Thanks To The New Launch Of EdgeWave

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

EdgeWave headquartered in San Diego, CA; launched and made the Edge Wave threat which is an automated email incident response service. It empowers end users with just a click of a button, to seamlessly report suspicious emails in real-time for threat investigation. ThreatCheck rapidly delivers the results of the threat investigation directly to the employee using machine learning and human analysis. It indicates if it is safe to open the email.  In case a threat is detected the software removes the malicious message globally, from the inbox.  It lowers the burden of the IT officials and later notifies them about the threat. ThreatCheck eliminates employee uncertainty and rapidly disposes of the threat.

EdgeWave is leading in the cyber security industry and is a leading provider in cybersecurity and compliance. They provide innovative web security protection for thousands of business and several government organizations. EdgeWave’s mission is to reduce the risks people face in using internet and they want to provide support in reducing the cost and complexity of protecting one’s organization. Phishing attacks, malicious email threats, and the inbox of users and employees represent a security gap in several enterprises. There are several gateway security defenses but they are inefficient to give 100% protection and security to the companies.  What the companies need is accurate threat intelligence with unique hybrid approach. This should also be combined with human intelligence and automated machine learning. EdgeWave with their new launch has promised to provide real time reporting and increasing employee’s awareness and give proper defense against malware attacks.

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