Chef Introduces New Feedback Site-

By CIOReview | Monday, June 15, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: Chef, provider of models for automating IT infrastructure and applications, announces the launch of, their new site for collecting info and responding to product feedback. The site hosts three feedback forums— Chef, Analytics and Delivery.  

The Product and Engineering teams at Chef are incorporating the new feedback channel into their planning and prioritization.. On this site, one can create one’s product feature requests for the Chef engineering teams, comment and vote on one’s own requests, as well as those created by other members of the user community. The Chef team will update status of the requests over time. Once a request is marked as completed, roadmap, RFC accepted, or declined, any votes one had applied to that item is returned to them.

In an earlier endeavor, Chef collaborated with Ubuntu to support their enterprise Linux distributors. As Chef's CEO Barry Crist explains in a statement, "Every business needs to spend fewer calories on IT management and are looking to automation and cloud-ready platforms to do so. Combining Chef's scale and flexibility with Ubuntu's tremendous Linux platform empowers users to easily manage everything from bare metal servers to large-scale clouds."

Chef is designed to automate how one builds, deploys, and manages one’s infrastructure in ‘recipes.’ The aim is to make one’s cloud infrastructure as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code. These recipes are stored in the Chef server. On every server and virtual machine (VM) on the cloud, a Chef client periodically polls for the latest Chef server recipes. If anything is out of date, the client brings it up to speed.

Therefore, Chef seems to help businesses become faster, safer and more flexible. Through their new feedback forum, the team is trying to come up with strategies to address the issues faced by the clients as well as make amendments.