Cheytac Adopts MRI Software for Improved Business Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

SOLON, OH: MRI software, provider of investment management solutions partners with Cheytac In-building solutions to adopt MRI’s property management suite of software. Cheytac deploys cellular communication system through wireless carries in a cost effective way.

The collaboration aims to make Cheytac’s business requirements flexible and implement MRI’s software to their specific needs. “The MRI teams took time to understand our unique requirements and work through several proof-of-concepts scenarios to demonstrate how they would address our needs,” says Jarrett Bluth, CEO of Cheytac In-buliding solutions. This will help Cheytac to maximize their returns, improvise the business process and manage their business portfolio.

In addition, Cheytac In-building solutions has joined hands with FITECH, a consulting and technology service firm serving the real estate industry,  to help in the implementation of MRI’s software under long-term basis. “The flexibility of the MRI solution was a deciding factor in our selection of MRI software, “adds Jarrett.