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Choosing the Best CRM for a Manufacturer

By CIOReview | Monday, April 23, 2018

Though CRM’s have become the new buzzword for companies, manufacturers aren’t seeing it as a utility for businesses because they believe that their revenues are from existing customers or repeat sales. For them, a CRM is nothing but an electronic Rolodex.

Though the word CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it includes every aspect of sales and customer support:

• The database has information about present customers, vendors, prospects, the point of sales and accounting.
• CRMs track website metrics and lead generation efforts.
• CRMs have email functions to organize lead nurturing.
• Reporting is provided to track competitors, performance and forecast sales.
• CRMs personalize the experience for customers and leads.

How to Select the Best CRM for Manufacturers:

Gather a cross-functional team that includes people from the sales, marketing, and other areas that would use the solution because these are the people who will have a better idea of the current system and ask the following:

• Understand the current workflow which also includes the bottlenecks.
• Analyze reports and ask the members to point out areas for improvement.
• Determine how the performance of marketing, sales assets, team and individual performance is measured.
• Develop systems and software with which CRMs can integrate and communicate.
• Calculate current processes, so that a benchmark is set to measure the impact of a CRM system.

This will help you find potential solutions as it will narrow your selections. Once you are prepared, start conservations with CRM companies. A good CRM vendor provides valuable insights and suggests the best ways to solve problems. Ask vendors to coordinate with your team and create business cases using CRM solutions. 

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