Choosing the Right Collaboration Technology for 2022
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Choosing the Right Collaboration Technology for 2022

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Numerous organizations have implemented long-term communications technologies in 2022

FREMONT, CA: The year 2020 has been difficult for everyone, but people have adapted quickly. Numerous businesses grabbed any quick-fix remote work tools they could find. Therefore, in 2022, many organizations have implemented communications technologies for the long term. Band-aid packages from the past cannot compete with a solution explicitly designed for business today.

Agile workplaces

Delivering remote workplaces requires only minor modifications to existing platforms or solutions for some businesses. For others, however, it necessitated a complete rethink of their operations, and there was insufficient time to evaluate all the alternatives. As a result, some businesses lack features designed for long-term hybrid working requirements.

People require collaboration and communication tools that operate seamlessly at home, in the office, and as they move between the two locations. Reimagining the employee experience will play a significant role in reducing the churn businesses are already observing. However, they do not yet know the magnitude of the impact of "The Great Resignation."

Partners will play a crucial role in assisting organizations in acquiring the proper tools for long-term goals.

Connected culture

2022 is also about how people work, not just where they work. According to research, businesses use different tools for messaging, collaboration, file sharing, and meetings. This adds considerable time, friction, and frustration to daily activities, even for IT-savvy users. It decreases the work that can be completed in a day and severely demotivates an organization's teams.

For some businesses, this is due to the complexities of updating a web of systems that have grown over time, while others are unaware of the significant advancements in analytics, collaboration solutions, and real-time communication channels.

Fabricated experiences

Many technology leaders have emerged from the last year with a tech stack brimming with features but a diminished understanding of how their teams collaborate daily. In the coming year, more organizations will focus on using cases and customizing user experiences to meet the needs of individuals or teams.

However, this is a novel method of operation for many businesses. Partners have access to an abundance of technology and experience to guide and assist them on their journey. By providing added-value services and expertise, a company can foster customer loyalty.