Chrome River uses DATA EXPLORER to Fasten Data Processing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: Chrome River, provider of online expense reporting and automated invoice processing software announced its general availability of DATA EXPLORER at a recently held event; offering analytic tools to let enterprise business analysts take advantages of information stored in their database.

Chrome River manages all organization’s invoice purchasing, check request and expense reimbursement needs as manual processing for expense reporting and invoice handling are expensive and error prone. Chrome River provides a single common platform for entire accounts payable business process workflow including entry, imaging, compliance, routing, approval and direct integration with leading financial systems.

Business analyst uses graphical web based tool with DATA EXPLORER to create visualizations of Chrome River expense data to rapidly access compliance issues, critical patterns. Its drag and drop interactive visualizations of data make it flexible to allow non technical users fetch valuable patterns in their expense data which can be shared across an organization using Chrome River analytics dashboard.

Chrome River’s automated processing helps organization to recover client billable expenses quick and cost effective with real time spend policy compliance monitoring and approval routing. The company’s billable client policy requirements can be met by using its flexible compliance and routing rules engineit is easy to access information, analytics and electronic image viewing. Its Email approvals and notifications save executive and partner time.

The columnar data base engine tool, often used in BIG DATA, effectively uses Chrome River EXPENSE and INVOICE to prepare data for reporting purpose rather than transactional processing, helping users to retrieve and manipulate data with fast query processing.

“We are always looking for ways to provide our customers with exciting new tools that can help them run their businesses more cost effectively. With DATA EXPLORER, we are able to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to identify factors that are driving expense spend,” says Alan Rich, CEO, Chrome River. “Unlike traditional reporting tools, we have optimized customer data so that within seconds the user receives the requested information.”