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Circa Launches AI Candidate Matching Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

AI Candidate Matching guarantees unbiased sourcing and matching of diverse, qualified talent.

FREMONT, CA: Circa launches AI Candidate Matching to assist firms in accelerating their success toward developing more diverse, innovative, and high-performing teams. The new product offers a SaaS-based artificial intelligence solution guaranteeing unbiased sourcing and matching of diverse, qualified talent from a curated 160 million and candidate database.

To reduce unconscious bias, AI Candidate Matching redacts ethnic, gender, age, LGBTQIA+, veteran status, community, culture, and disability to present candidates based on their skill sets to be evaluated in fair, equal, and consistent manners. This automatically reviews job postings and streamlines them to make it as engageable as possible for the various community while removing prejudices within the description.

AI Candidate Matching stresses candidate sourcing and matching that reaches both active and passive talents. The active and passive talents are sourced from 3,500 online organizations, from community groups to service firms that offer more than 160 million diverse candidates. The diverse candidate database network reaches 13 million veterans, with approximately four million having security clearances.

Circa continues to expand its product offerings to assist drive success for the customers, and AI Candidate Matching is a great addition to our solutions. Companies want to make sure that they are reducing biases in recruitment by offering companies and candidates the opportunity to be matched based on skills first and empower talent acquisition teams to raise the number of diverse candidates included in their hiring process. Research compiled by HRreview found that a one percent increase in gender diversity has a three percent effect in increasing revenue. A one percent increase in racial equality has nine percent. AI Candidate Matching helps diverse candidates shine as qualified through skillset, with biases mitigated, while offering recruiters scoring on the most qualified candidates based on skills to ensure they are not wasting time on unqualified candidates.

Circa offers OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions to provide qualified candidates on a level, an equitable playing field that meet firms' needs to build high-performing, diverse teams—coupled with Circa's diversity outreach platform of 15,500 community-based firms, allowing Circa's customers to save time and reach more candidates.