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Circumventing the Digital Documentation Challenges in Healthcare

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The lack of capabilities in acquiring patient data before and after treatment has always been an issue the healthcare industry continues to be saddled with. The manual mode of data collection has not come to an end despite its inherent drawback of being error-prone and time consuming. While clinical staff and physicians spend two-thirds of their time on paperwork, the physical handling of data also increases the probability of error. Given that healthcare information is more valuable, healthcare data if breached can be extremely catastrophic. Though the electronic health record (EHR) is undergoing rapid evolution, many systems are clouded by strenuous, time-consuming functions and security threats.

Simplicity and security are the keys to keep health care effective, and mobile-friendly HIPPA complaint online forms prove to be a remedy. A mobile-friendly online form is capable of gathering crucial patient information and reduces the downtime in HIPPA data security maintenance. It also secures patients data, cut costs while enhancing the patient experience. HIPPA adaptable mobile healthcare allows spending time on higher value and more strategic initiatives by eliminating the manual, time-consuming chores that are prone to human error.Top Healthcare Solution Companies

The HIPAA compliant mobile forms can bring about a reduction in security risks by continual updates, access controls, advanced data encryption and security testing. The forms bring down the administrative costs by ensuring completeness of records, increasing accuracy, improving provider-patient communications and reducing paper processes amongst others. The mobile forms enhance the patient experience by providing easy access to health information, reducing patient wait times as the information is gathered even before the patient arrives at the hospital and the collected information as part of surveys can be used to collect real-time feedback to enhance the patient experience.

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