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Cirius Extends Message Tracking and Control Leadership with New Patent

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Josef Hans Lara, SVP Business Development,Cirius

Josef Hans Lara, SVP Business Development,Cirius


FREMONT, CA: Cirius, a provider of cloud-based security solutions has announced the approval of its latest patent that extends the provider’s expertise in securing, tracking and controlling messages for organizations of any size. This new patent will serve as an enhancement for Cirius’s Secure Messaging platform that offers secure, private messaging, large file sharing, secure e-signatures, and advanced message tracking and control.

The newly patented technology grants an opt-out feature that allows users to leave a thread/conversation when required and rejoin when convenient. This development will further strengthen Cirius’s dominance in the market of offering granular level of email/chat control. This is Cirius’s eighth patent for the space.

Secure Messaging’s other message control features include Deliver Slip, Forward Freeze and Reply Freeze. Secure E-Signature, Secure Messaging’s newest feature along with the existing technologies will extend the platform’s tracking and control capabilities beyond traditional email solutions. This also consolidates the platform’s deliverance of enhanced workflow capabilities which include real-time notifications that show when a message is received, read or answered, and control whether it can be forwarded, deleted or printed, and the ability to e-sign and authorize documents securely and legally within the users' email clients.

The extended features will augment the platform’s capability to complement cloud-based email solutions like Microsoft Office 365 to provide services such as secure transfer of large files, support for regulatory compliance, secure and non-repudiable electronic signatures, easy-to-use guest sign up and interface.

"Our Secure Messaging solution already provides extensive visibility and control of messaging activities. Now, our latest patented technology makes it even easier for users to manage their messages and simplify business communications. It's an important next step in bridging high-level cloud email security and workflow efficiency", explained said Josef Lara, SVP of Business Development at Cirius.