CIS Acquires Enlogic Systems to Develop More Efficient Data Center Power Management Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TUCSON, AZ: CIS Global, a manufacturer of linear motion products and electro mechanically integrated solutions for a wide variety of applications in computer data center acquires Enlogic Systems to strengthen its data center power and environmental management solutions.

Enlogic Systems provides advanced solutions for power, environmental and security management issues in data center and IT environments. The acquisition enables CIS to offer Enlogic’ products through various distribution channels and extend its intelligent technology into OEM solutions.

The companies will work together to advance Intelligent Power Management technology for data centers.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM) is a combination of hardware and software that optimizes the distribution and use of electrical power in computer systems and data centers. Usually the installation of IPM involves up-front cost and ongoing maintenance but industry experts believe the technology can save money in the long term as a result of reduced electric bills, reduced downtime and prolonged hardware life.

Currently, almost every IPM solution incorporates voltage regulation, temperature monitoring and regulation; current limiting and load distribution. Advanced IPM technology includes functions such as branch circuit protection, in which each group of outlets has its own breaker or fuse, centralized, integrated management that allows administrators to monitor all data center hardware, isolate problems and resolve them quickly when they occur. The technology also features smart load shedding, which allows graceful shutdown of non essential devices under specified conditions.

Intelligent Power Management systems use three-phase power to balance power loads and maximize the available current for each load along with zoned cooling to prevent isolated overheating incidents with a minimum of wasted energy. They also include system redundancy to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of localized hardware or software failure and coordinated management of power supply hardware from multiple vendors.

“We’re excited to expand the award winning Enlogic intelligent power technology into a broader customer base including our OEM clients, the addition of the Enlogic team into CIS creates stronger market know how and a larger product engineering team dedicated to providing the best data center power management solutions available,” says Preston Miller, VP of Business Development, CIS.