Cisco Announces Two New Deployments in Intercloud and Hybrid Cloud Platforms

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 18, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: Cisco, the networking giant, partners with 35 independent software vendors (ISVs) for developing a more innovative cloud service named ‘Intercloud’, a joint venture of globally connected network of clouds. The selected ISVs will offer cloud services to help customers capture the multitude of opportunities across three key areas— Next-GenerationDeveloper Platforms, Big Data and Analytics, and IoE Cloud Services.

Along with the new venture, Cisco also launched its latest hybrid cloud software innovation ‘Cisco Intercloud Fabric’ with improved security capabilities, increased manageability across clouds and support for additional hypervisors. Phasing out the complexities of hybrid cloud, the new solution paves way for a flexible workload placement, consistent network and high security policies across public and private cloud environments.

The platform will offer high end cloud services to customers via the Intercloud Marketplace, a partner-centric global storefront for Intercloud-based applications and cloud services from Cisco and partners.

The platform assists developers to build container-based micro-services by providing them with access to the latest APIs and micro-services across all Cisco cloud, IoE and Big Data technologies delivered through the Intercloud. Companies like Apprenda, Active State and Docker are the initial partners of the solution.

Cisco also joins forces with providers of big data solutions including MapR, Hortonworks, Cloudera and the Apache Hadoop Community to deliver a true hybrid implementation of Enterprise Big Data solutions in real time.

When a developer platform comes in terms with powerful Big Data and analytics, Intercloud enables a framework for the IoE, delivering global cloud services,where APIs are made available for the app

The hybrid Cisco Intercloud Fabric by expanding its strategy of "Any VM (Virtual Machine), Any Cloud" assureshigh security, with its zone-based firewall services to support Microsoft Azure. , Cisco Intercloud Fabric Firewall also solves the problem of securing traffic between virtual machines without redirecting this traffic to the edge firewall for lookup by including a zone-based firewall, the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG).

Designed to make the onramp to hybrid cloud easier, its VM onboarding capabilities allows businesses to easily extend management to VMs that are already deployed in a public cloud. This is achieved by identifying pre-existing target VMs and then moving them under the control of Intercloud Fabric.

Expanding its flexibility, Intercloud Fabric also supports OpenStack KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V. A business' ability to choose the right cloud for the right workload should not be limited by the underlying infrastructure or in this case, the hypervisor.

Cirrity, Datalink, iland, Long View, Peak 10, Presidio, QTS, Quest, Sungard Availability Services and Virtustream  have already come up with their own new hybrid cloud services built on the simplified hybrid Cisco Intercloud Fabric.

The software now covers all major public clouds and the vast majority of hypervisor deployments.