Cisco, DHL Report Portends $8 Trillion worth Value through IoT; Announce New Collaboration

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Imagine if the goods that are on the transit could speak about their whereabouts; if commodities hoarded in warehouse could yell out that they are very few in numbers and they need restocking: imagine if ‘things’ turn into communication devices. All this imagination has one destination: Internet of Things (IoT.)

DHL, a premium logistics company, in collaboration with networking giant, Cisco, launch latest study mentioning that IoT makes a strong business case worth in trillions in the next decade. The report says that the connected devices – which are 15Bn in numbers today – will reach to 50Bn in numbers by 2020. Cisco’s economic analysis report says ‘IoT will generate $8 trillion worldwide in Value at Stake over the next decade.’

Internet and networks will have deeper penetration into supply chain and logistics industry that mainly comprises of warehousing, freight transportation, and other elements of the supply chain. Both companies believe that IoT will be a game changer for this industry and will in a way redefine the entire business and operations paradigm.

Key factors in success with IoT include: innovation and revenue; asset utilization; supply chain and logistics; employee productivity improvements; enhanced customer and citizen experience.

DHL – Cisco Deal
DHL and Cisco Consulting Services have also embarked on a journey to improve warehouse operations through analytics by using Wi-Fi connected devices. The duo will run a joint IoT innovation project under the collaboration. Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences will be leveraged to collect aggregate location data on Wi-Fi connected devices.

“The Internet of Things is the connection of almost anything – from parcels to people – via sensor technology to the web and both Cisco and DHL believe this will revolutionize business processes across the entire value chain including supply chain and logistics,” said Markus Kuckelhaus, Vice President Innovation & Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“The new Trend Report is another step towards making sure DHL delivers the benefits of IoT to our customers," Kuckelhaus adds.