Cisco Launches OpFlex for Application Centric Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 3, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Cisco has launched “OpFlex”, new open standards based protocol for Application Centric Infrastructure, which delivers software flexibility with scalability of hardware performance, reports Enterprise Networking Planet.

Opflex’s integration with ACI will drive the multi vendor innovations in data centers and cloud networks to deliver operational simplicity, increased agility and cost reduction.

In the traditional Software Defined Networking models, applications and infrastructure requirements are needed to be translated into network configuration, impacting agility, as a result of which it was necessary for app developers to describe their requirements in low-level constructs through manual learning process.  ACI on the other hand adopts a declarative management approach that abstracts applications, operations and infrastructure providing simplification and agility.

Co-authorized by Microsoft, Citrix, IBM and SunGard Availability Services, OpFlex apply simpler policies for IT companies when there are more interdependenciesamong systems. It also allows hypervisors, switches and Layer 4 through 7 network services to be automatically configured based on the policies attached to the application.

“OpFlex is compatible with the emerging OpenStack cloud management framework and that as a piece of open source software; Cisco plans to propose that OpFlex become an IETF standard. In addition, we are also working with the Project OpenDaylight software-defined networking controller initiative to create an open source, ACI-compatible policy model and OpFlex reference architecture,” said Mike Cohen, director of product management, Cisco.

Other companies that support OpFlex are Canonical, Red Hat, Avi Networks, Embrane and F5 Networks.