Cisco Launches Suite of Analytics Solutions for IoE for Various Industries
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Cisco Launches Suite of Analytics Solutions for IoE for Various Industries

By CIOReview | Friday, December 12, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Cisco takes a new course of business development with its range of IoE analytics solutions that are tailored for diverse industry verticals. With the launch of ‘The Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything’, the company enables organizations across the globe to converge their widely distributed and decentralized data into Cisco’s InterCloud and apply analytics capabilities. Insights generated from these analytics would help organizations to drive business results.

By combining networks and infrastructure with data virtualization, Cisco enables customers to correlate historic data at rest with real-time streaming analytics at the edge. These features would enable organizations to take steps in real-time that improve business results and give engaging customer experience.

These offers build on Cisco’s innovative IOx platform – a part of the Cisco Fog technology portfolio which allows customers and solution providers across all industries to develop, manage, and run software applications directly on Cisco industrial networked-devices.

Products in The Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything’ are discussed below:

Connected Analytics for Events: data garnered from Wi-Fi and device usage reporting is utilized to provide insights for immediate visibility helps in better coordination for greater fan experience during events

Connected Analytics for Retail: tracking in-store patterns such as getting to know which section gets most attention in the store and which section needs restocking; drives better store performance

Connected Analysts for Service Providers: provides intelligence to improve network planning and understand infrastructure investments; personalized experience to the customers can be offered

Connected Analytics for IT: aids in aligning IT capabilities such as data management and data governance with business objectives; helps in real-time threat mitigation

Connected Analytics for Network Deployment: analysis for operational efficiency, incident resolution and visibility into network deployment delivers insights into bettering network stability and performance

Connected Analytics for Mobility: helps in providing engaging customer experience by learning about Wi-Fi usage patterns and offering tailored pricing plans on customer usage

Connected Analytics for Collaboration: measuring the adoption of collaboration technology internally in an organization helps in gaining insights in knowing how the technology is being received

Connected Analytics for Contact Center: insights generated from call center services help organizations in understanding their customers, provider better service, and achieve greater happier customers