Cisco Readies a Game Plan to Merge ParStream into its Data and Analytics Group

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Cisco plans to integrate ParStream, one of the companies in their ‘Entrepreneur in Residence Program’ into its Data and Analytics Group. The accession is expected to be completed by the mid of 2016.

Along with the rise in the volume of IoT data generated, its privacy and security also transforms as a major concern. ParStream comes to the rescue with its cost-effective, real-time Big Data analytics capability. Empowered with compression and indexing functionality, it performs at a much faster pace than the contemporary techniques available.

The ability of ParStream can be illustrated by evaluating its implementation in a wind turbine company. Data from various turbines can be collected and stored at the edge; instant results on wind direction and temperature can be fetched. This data decreases the equipment downtime through supervised maintenance, increased productivity and analysis on historical patterns.

The possession of ParStream builds up the data and analytics portfolio of Cisco with a powerful tool and intensifies its analytics drawing potential. With this intelligent feature from Big Data at the edge, Cisco foresees to structure hyper distributed intelligent infrastructure.