Cisco Targets to Implement Network Convergence within Commercial Buildings

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Cisco ANZ has eyed on incorporating several networking platform within a single pane of glass that are used for system management within its commercial buildings. These networks are implemented during the construction of company buildings. The Cisco ANZ’s recently designated head of IoT solutions realized the potential of Digital Ceiling, and it is his mastermind idea of network merging to increase the efficiency of the networks.

“Typically in a building you will see multiple networks: HVAC [heating, ventilating and air conditioning], fire and security, PA [public address]. All that is converging to one network. Today each supplier puts in a network. That is not very efficient. We are looking to converge that into a single network and we are working with some of the big construction firms to put that in,” states Howard Fyffe, Director of IoT solutions, Cisco ANZ.

Cisco showed its commitment to this idea by launching the concept of Digital Ceiling in Berlin. The firm described this idea as a combined approach of building services that will provide primary control to the systems and attach an intelligent sensor platform to cooperate with smart decision-making. Mr. Fyffe targets this implementation to increase the IoT business of Cisco in ANZ.

The ANZ team of Cisco is currently focused on implementing the IoT concept in smart cities, rugged networking products of Cisco that are used for industrial implementations and sports and entertainments. The team working for sports and entertainment implementation of IoT is trying to outstretch the reach of StadiumVision products of Cisco that are utilized for the management of video content distribution in sports stadiums.

Cisco is also examining the possibility of IoT in the agriculture sector. Cisco is a Cofounder of LoRa Alliance that builds LoRaWAN a low power wide area networking technology used for IoT. The firm seeks this technology to be efficient for agricultural properties of IoT beyond the cellular networks. While combining the technology with fog computing platform of Cisco which sits at the edge of the networks that are performing locally, hence processing and filters the quantity of data that is sent to the cloud.

“We are also talking with our financial services customers about how they could better assess a farm: How is it being run, and how it could be improved if they were to lend money on it?” says Howard Fyffe, Director of IoT solutions, Cisco ANZ.