Cisco's Annual Security Report Focuses on The Need to Stop Cyber Threats
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Cisco's Annual Security Report Focuses on The Need to Stop Cyber Threats

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 22, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Cisco’s annual security report examining threat intelligence and cyber security trends is released; it focuses on the need for a combined approach by the organizations, against the cyber threats to maintain online security.

Cyber criminals are still using the loop holes to break security. Cisco’s threat intelligence team   has noticed three complicated and hard to detect tactics including Snowshoe Spam, Web Exploits Hiding in Plain Sight and Malicious Combinations. Snowshoe Spam, is the one in which user sends low volumes of spam through a wide array of IP addresses to avoid detection and trapping through spam filters. Web Exploits Hiding in Plain Sight involves the use of unique unknown exploit kits to break the security. Malicious Combinations involve sharing exploits between flash and JavaScript files for making the exploit identification process complicated.

According to Cisco threat intelligence research, attackers are focusing more on exploiting users, other than limiting to servers and operating systems. Apart from targeting the users these threats also make them carry out the task. Silverlight attacks, spams and malvertising exploits are found to increase through the user download from compromised sites.

The report also includes Cisco Security Capabilities Benchmark Study which says that 75 percent of Cisco’s believe in their security tools but less than 50 percent use standard tools like patching and configuration, to block security threats. 56 percent of the installed open security socket layer versions are old. But many still believe that they are secure. “We observed that   that 56 percent of all OpenSSL versions still remain vulnerable to Heartbleed and that major attacks are only leveraging 1% of high-urgency vulnerabilities at any given time.” says, Jason Brvenik, Principal Engineer, Security Business Group, Cisco.

The report concludes by highlighting the need for setting security priorities and working for that. It also says that Security Manifesto can be effective to understand and overcome cyber security challenges. The principles included say that the security must: support the business; work with existing architecture and be usable; be transparent and informative; enable visibility and appropriate action; be viewed as a people problem.

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