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Cities Get Smarter to Make Our Lives Easier

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

Cities continually need to reorganize their policies on urban living and maintenance. In that deference, they also have to reflect on offering services that will influence citizens' behavior in terms of livelihood.

FREMONT, CA: Many people continue relocating to urban centers for all kinds of amenities. The reason may be the search for better jobs, quality education, or a transformation in lifestyle. As relocation from rural areas increases, cities must become resourceful if they want to accommodate the surge in the population. Smart cities with IoT-driven technologies will become a norm in major metropolitan areas in the world to sustain the ever-increasing growth in population because it is all about connectivity, which will eventually alter society.

Government agencies should consider the implementation of smart city concepts in their urban areas. The implementation of Big Data applications in support of smart city elements allows Internet of Things (IoT) to reach optimal sustainable levels. Significant accomplishments in health, sanitation, education, energy, and transport performance are achieved and improved comfort levels for the citizens are attained.

One of the widespread technologies with a perspective to develop smart city services is Big Data analytics. As time passes, digitization will become an essential characteristic of everyday life, and effective analysis and the use of the Big Data will turn out to be critical for the achievement of the smart city domain in influencing all segments of a business.

Big data applications prove beneficial to smart cities in the following ways:

Smart Architecture and Infrastructure:

Construction managers and engineers are looking for ways to integrate IoT solutions into their architectural blueprints. In this way, they will be able to lessen the project expenditure and amplify the quality of the infrastructure.

Smart Education:

Education is the moral fiber of every society. Communication and information technology helps improve educational effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity by utilizing smart services. These services are flexible and intelligent and provide maximum use of information, enhancing assessment and control.

Smart Traffic Lights:

For proficient results, smart traffic lights and signals need to be integrated across the entire grid. This connectivity offers information and insights about traffic patterns and lights. Each sensor monitors a varied parameter of traffic flow, and the systems then make decisions based on the relevant values of each constraint.

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