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Civic Resource Group International Brings Mobile Augmented Reality to the Public Sector

By CIOReview | Friday, July 10, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: Civic Resource Group Int’l (CRGI) announces the worldwide release of CivicAR - the first Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) solution for the public sector. The new product will enable governments and public sector agencies to deliver information and services directly to citizens and communities in a highly contextual and easy to use mobile environment.

CRGI developed CivicAR using patented technology with the goal of making Augmented Reality applicable for practical, business-specific uses in the civic sector. The robust CivicAR platform includes advanced Visual Search allowing users to easily scan city assets (bus stops, subway stations, restaurants, signs, trees, etc.) with their mobile devices for digital information. The Virtual Teleportation feature enables citizens and visitors to explore points of interests, facilities and distant locations with 360 views, all remotely. The Directional Search feature allows users to learn about what’s around them simply by pointing their mobile device, and integrated localization and geolocation features map users and content precisely within their environment, providing valuable user analytics.

CRGI is making Augmented Reality--only recently considered “futuristic-- directly relevant and applicable in virtually any Smart Sector verticals such as government services, transportation, tourism, economic development, environment, utilities, healthcare and education among others.

“I’ll be the first one to admit that the public sector, which includes government, insurance agencies, travel, tourism, healthcare and education was not the first place I looked for early adoption of augmented reality solutions,” observed Matt Margolis, Chief Analyst of Wall Street Forensics after having researched the Company and its competition. “CRGI is helping advance the public sector well into the future and on the forefront of the digital age. AR for the public sector will connect residents, businesses and officials. Have you ever been riding on a bike path and seen a down tree? With AR solutions you could take a picture of the down tree and instantly let town officials know where a tree has fallen along with providing crucial information to address the issue,” concluded Mr. Margolis.