CLA Collaborates with OIT
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CLA Collaborates with OIT

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 8, 2021

CLA is set to provide regulatory and tax compliance solutions to OIT, LLC, a leading UCaaS service provider.

FREMONT, CA: CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) will be offering regulatory and tax compliance solutions to OIT, LLC (OIT), a leading UCaaS service provider that caters to managed service providers (MSPs) and traditional telecommunications service providers (TSPs). OIT, OITVOIP, and its related resellers and agents will be served by CLA's nationally acclaimed telecommunications sector practice.

"It's likely that thousands of new telecommunications service providers will emerge over the next five years in the United States and Canada, most of them also MSPs," said Matt LaHood, managing principal for the telecommunications industry at CLA. "OIT is well poised to provide the needed hosted platform for these new providers, and CLA is there to support both the providers and OIT. We are so happy that OIT chose CLA to support its next stage of growth."

CLA's telecommunications team has established innovative practices for wholesale and independent carriers' back offices. CLA can handle all the necessary operations to meet tax and regulatory standards, leaving the customer to concentrate on growing their business.

"OIT is an award-winning, highly advanced organization that provides a telecommunications platform and pre-staged billing system for its resellers," said Ray Orsini, CEO at OIT. "OIT specifically offers co-branded billing for agents and a wide range of services for the affiliates who choose to serve the market as a TSP carrier in their own right."

CLA will offer a host of services to OIT, such as:

• Enhanced billing for increased profit to the TSPs.

• Innovative tax mapping for OIT and its TSPs.

• Exemption management for wholesale intends to reduce the occasions where taxes are levied twice for transactions.

"With tax and regulatory matters served through CLAs seamless spectrum of back-office accounting and finance capabilities, IOTs customers can focus on growth and feel confident they are not creating future risk to the value of their company," said LaHood. "CLA offers OITs resellers compliance packages suited to their size and needs. We believe OIT is positioned for strong growth, accompanied by efficient, leading tax strategies for its owners."