Clari Attracts the Sales Analytics Solution Seekers

By CIOReview | Monday, April 11, 2016

SUNNYVALE, CA: End-to-end sales analytics and forecasting solution provider - Clari recently disclosed that it is opted by Palo Alto Networks, Gigamon, Opower and Digital Guardian to optimize their selling and sales management. Clari’s solution supports every member of the sales team including executives, managers, and sales reps.

Gigamon is a Santa-Clara-based traffic visibility solutions provider, opted Clari to improve their understanding with their representative and accuracy on prophesies about business. Digital Guardian is a next-generation data protection platform which seeks for Clari’s solution to benefit from clear, automated reports and visuals to enhance their business. While Opower, the customer engagement platform chose Clari as it is an easy deployable solution providing a standardized insight into the business.

Rigorous examination of Clari’s Solution by these companies revealed that the solution provides business transparency through its automated and intuitive reporting portal that gives in-depth health information to its sales executives. “Visibility and confidence in deals is critical for our executive and management teams,” says Stephanie Sahr, Director of Global Sales Operations, Digital Guardian.

Clari’s mature business strategies help sales managers to attain objectives with lesser risk, confidence and close predictions through user experience. Additionally, it increases the connection between sales managers and executives. It showcases current status of deals through insights into rep activity, real-time deal changes, and at-risk opportunities.

“Understanding what’s happening in our sales pipeline on a daily basis is critical to forecasting accurately,” says Debra Estrada, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations at Gigamon.

The solution also increases sales representative output through simple yet unified web and mobile experience. It further streamlines deal updates and prevents missed actions, which improves daily business yields.