Clari Launches Dynamic Forecasting; Ensures Forecasting Accuracy

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari

Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari

SUNNYVALE, CA: Clari, a provider of sales forecasting solutions has released a new product, Dynamic Forecasting which comes with integrated real-time data science, activity tracking, and Salesforce integrations for enterprise sales teams. The new solution leverages machine learning to track real-time sales activity, thereby allowing organizations to be agile in their operations. The insights delivered via Dynamic Forecasting enable sales team to identify the slightest of changes in accordance with the evolving business landscape. In addition, the new solution comes with further enhancements like advanced filtering, multi-currency support and advanced security features.

"Spreadsheet-based forecasting isn't just a time suck. It results in lost deals by limiting visibility and focusing teams around an error-prone process," says Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari. "By automating this painful process and focusing teams on what matters most — the true state of every deal — customers using Dynamic Forecasting won't just get a more accurate view of their number. They will also be able to improve close rates and drive meaningful top-line growth."

Dynamic Forecasting brings several advantages like unlimited customization choices for customers based on terminology, functions, and business processes. The solution also supports comparative analytics where customers can evaluate annual and quarterly trends. Moreover, it helps sales managers take better decisions by visualizing changes periodically. Salesforce integration feature in the solution further ensures precise forecasting of insights, while mobile optimization allows sales representatives to update forecasts from anywhere, anytime.

"Clari gives us real confidence in our forecasts," adds Ari Klionsky, Vice President of Sales Operations, Five9. "Clari's Dynamic Forecasting provides both a top-line number and its underlying components. With that valuable insight, sales management knows exactly where to focus."