Cleveland Leads the Way to Securing Our Energy Future, Hosts EnergyTech2016 Conference, November 28 - 30
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Cleveland Leads the Way to Securing Our Energy Future, Hosts EnergyTech2016 Conference, November 28 - 30

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

CLEVELAND, OH: It has been an exciting, tumultuous year for Northeast Ohio.  With the Cavs winning their first NBA title, the Tribe in a major world series, hosting of the Republican National Convention and the vital role of Ohio in the general elections, Cleveland has found itself in the national spotlight repeatedly throughout the year.   But the year is not over yet, as Cleveland shifts its focus  to a topic not so visible, but far more important and consequential to our future: Energy -  and related emerging technologies, along with their impact on our critical infrastructure, vital to our modern, civilized existence. Under the broad theme “Securing our Energy Future”, Cleveland will again host the annual EnergyTech Conference at the CSU Wolstein center from November 28 – 30, 2016.

Headlining EnergyTech2016 will be luminary keynote speakers Dr. Michael Griffin, former NASA chief and Chairman & CEO of Schafer Corporation as well as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry,noted author, Chief of Staff of the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission, and Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. Each will provide their unique perspectives on the state of our national energy systems and infrastructure challenges.

Now in its sixth year, with the support of its sponsors, including NASA, INCOSE, InfraGard, regional universities and other collaborating entities, the Cleveland based EnergyTech Conference series continues to gain momentum and recognition as the premier national event examining the full spectrum of energy systems and critical infrastructure topics. The continuing dynamics and uncertainties of our modern times, whether from the recent election aftershocks, to the geo-political energy consequences from policies of a new administration, orthe relentless assaults on our infrastructure from cyber-warfare and other threats, are all important aspects of these topics.

“The Energy sector is prominent among those areas that will surely be affected with ongoing uncertainty” says John Juhasz, CEO of Telepath Systems, Inc. and EnergyTech general chair. “What is the likely direction of national and global energy policy? What are the shifting priorities between fossil fuels vs alternative sources? What about risks from Cyber assaults?  How will we protect our vital electrical grid, and the vast network of critical infrastructure?  What about climate impacts?  What role will technology play in helping to solve the conflicting challenges?  And how will our leaders deal rationally with the complex decisions confronting us?”

These are some of the ponderous issues and questions that are in focus at Cleveland’s EnergyTech2016.  Over 100 speakers and experts from leading institutions, government, and private sector companies will provide their insights on this broad spectrum of issues. On the last day of the conference, a facilitated workshop will engage the participants with a focused risk-management exercise of acyber-attack scenario based on a "Lights-out" widespread loss of power situation.  Officials from City of Cleveland, Federal and Ohio DHS, and other NEO offices, including utilities, emergency management and law enforcement, will participate in the workshop.

During a lighter moment on 11/29Tuesday evening,aconference banquet at the CSU campus banquet hall is certain to be a lively event featuring Cleveland's own ‘Tech Czar’ - Mike DeAloia – along with a surprise guest.  Mike currently writes a “tech” column for the Plain Dealer, but earned his moniker during histerm at the City of Cleveland as the Senior Executive for Technology Development, where he was responsible for the economic development of the technology industries in the City. 

Conference tickets for the event, as well as the workshop and banquet, are now available online.  

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