CleverAnt's Automation Solution to Streamline Kronos Workforce

By CIOReview | Friday, November 20, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: CleverAnt is expanding its digital footprint with Kronos Incorporated, enhancing its web-based automation solutions.  The solution will be merged with Kronos workforce central and Kronos Workforce ready suites which will provide Kronos users advance tools to improve their technology investment.

CleverAnt is an Excel-based add-on to Kronos which will automate repetitive work and streamline workforce management. Since the solution is highly automated, it requires less or no human force and gets work done quickly and accurately. It provides easy access and updated data without the need go to/from Kronos; all the data reporting and entry can be simplified in Excel and can be deployed with customized needs to meet the requirements.

The solution is ideal for front-line managers, schedulers, finance and payroll. This provides an easy access to Kronos data including scheduling, staffing and productivity data in just one click for better decision making process. CleverAnt aims to save time, drive performance and reduce expense by building customized reports and automation tools.

Additional Highlights

It provides customized CleverAnt workspace which can be deployed and accessed by designated web users; comes with security protocol to protect against unauthorized users; single sign-on access directly through CleverAnt or Kronos and minimized IT dependency.