Clicktale Acquires Pioneer of User Experience Mobile Solutions, FlightRecorder

By CIOReview | Monday, February 22, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO: Clicktale, digital customer experience giant, has recently made its formal announcement regarding the acquisition of FlightRecorder, the premier provider of user experience solutions for mobile apps. While FlightRecorder would still hold the grounds for the app, the offering itself is branded as ‘Clicktale for Apps’—a comprehensive solution for user experience, customer engagement and app analytics—that delivers proactive and visual insights and recommendations for businesses by improving their existing apps to engage and retain their users.

Driving unparalleled insights into user behavior, Clicktale for Apps leverages mobility into business analytics has high scalability factors. It gives owners complete control over their websites and renders real-time results.

Clicktale, based in Ramat Gan, Israel, lights up the digital world, revealing insightful information on customer behavior, needs and intent across all key touchpoints—web, mobile and apps. Founded in 2006, the enterprise-class experience management platform, works at the crux of the "how" and "why" behind customer behavior. Clicktale provides critical insights with a number of features like session replays, high-fidelity heatmaps, conversion analytics, powerful integrations and in-depth expert analysis

FlightRecorder develops holistic mobile analytics platforms that records usage statistics, collects crash reporting and sends push notifications. FlightRecorder enables businesses to record mobile app user sessions, including crashes of all or selected users and/or devices in the cloud. It allows the recorded data to be viewed or analyzed to improve app UX and user engagement. Founded in 2014 by CEO Can Abacigil and CFO Omer Erkmen, FlightRecorder has offices in San Francisco and Istanbul, Turkey.

“Our clients, who include many leading Fortune 500 brands, know that delivering superior customer experience is the key to beating out their competitors,” Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO and founder of Clicktale offered.  “More and more of our clients have been asking for a way to understand user behavior inside their apps. We were thrilled to acquire FlightRecorder and are excited to make their innovative and market leading technology available to a broader set of customers.” 

“Our mission of helping companies delight their customers was one-to-one with Clicktale's, making it an obvious fit,” Abacigil responded. Abacigil had recently joined Clicktale as Director of Mobile Development. “We immediately felt at home in Clicktale's culture of innovation, and we're eager to bring additional cutting-edge customer experience solutions to the market.”

“By understanding why users are behaving as they do within an app, marketers can gain actionable insights to foster greater loyalty, reduce friction, and encourage engagement among their users, resulting in a significant, positive impact on the business,” Schwartz added.